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Columbus Indiana Huey was founded in May 2020. The Bell UH1 IRIQUOIS (Huey) is the symbol of past conflicts and is used to honor veterans, educate the community about the significance the warbird that served our troops in Vietnam and the countless lives saved because of the effort of our hero's and the use of this aircraft.  Today Columbus Indiana Huey has 45 members and we have proudly served veteran, community and youth events in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.

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The HUEY helicopter has had thousands produced all over the world.  It is still being used in over 40 countries.

This warbird started life as a medical helicopter to transport injured troops in Vietnam. It was quickly realized that the aircraft had potential for many other types of support, such as; troop, material and supplies movement, recon & air support and gunship, being fitted with multiple weapons.


The aircraft is retired from our military and replaced by the Blackhawk but its legacy lives on. The sound of a HUEY is easily recognized by those that served our country.  Countless lives were saved because of this warbird and the people that flew them.


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Columbus Indiana Huey is a 100% volunteer organization. Our member consist of 67% Male, 33% Female, 69% Civilian with 31% Veteran or current active military

Membership is $100.00 and  annual dues is $30.00 to maintain an Associate member status. This will assure you one (1)  ride on the aircraft.
All  memberships expire January of each year and is automatically renewed with annual dues payment.

Associate Membership

Associate is a level one membership and is achieved with initial member application and payment.  This enables you to one (1) ride on the helicopter and  may attend meetings and social functions. 

Crew Membership

As a crew member, you have the benefits of an Associate member and, with completion of annual operational and system's training, may participate in mission activities and duties throughout the year.


Our top priority is SAFETY - CIH training is made available annually to all members of the organization and is required of all crew members. The training covers all operational aspects and assures we follow all safety and regulatory requirements of our operation.

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